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August 31, 2017

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Matthew Reinhart @PopUPmania!
Brooklyn Book Fair
Sept. 8-10, 2017

Movable Book Fair/Salon
Nov. 20-Dec. 1, '17-Par

Yale Univ. acquires
life-size anatomical
flap book

Some Kubašta classics
reprinted, in Czech.

It's official! Movable paper
is 900 years old!
@ Univ. of Gent, Belgium

"Pop-ups from Prague" in the News!

Back issues of Movable Stationary


Brief History of Pop-ups
Exhibit@Brooklyn Book Fair
Popuplady's sales Booth: S1-3 Come Visit!

Kubašta lecture & discussion
@ the Grolier Club, 2014

The event may be over
but you still can attend-
Be sure to visit PAST EVENTS

new to the market

Livres Animés-Entre papier
écran by Gaëlle Pelachaud

New [first?] Chinese pop-up book

From draft @MBS Conference
to a final book!
The Pop-up Art Book

mbs-the movable book society

The Pop-ups Are Coming!
Review of the 2016 Boston
MBS Conference with photos

MBS' Meggendorfer Prize winners


DIY pop-up templates
all in one place!

Video on French pop-ups
Great videography!

Interview with:
"Magic Inside Books" exhibit &
Pres. of Up With Paper

NEW! Make pop-ups
with Matthew Reinhart

Anatomical flap book in
Jean-Luc Godard's film,
A Married Woman
, 1964

German children make
pop-up books

MBS member, Larry
Rakow demonstrates
The Speaking Picture Book

Collecting Pop-ups

Pop-ups used to study
cultural and ethnic
movements. Inspiring!

See a collection of Volvelles!

Becca Zerkin, paper engineer,
Interviewed on AdoramaTV.

The Romance of Cobwebs
Met Museum/NYC on Valentine's Day
by Nancy Rosin-Valentine Writer

Visit Peter Dahmen's
YouTube Channel with
Tutorials-in English

More pop-up mulitmedia

Uli Tietz discusses his
pop-up book collection.

"10 Pop-up Books that
Are Works of Art" [w/videos]

Robert Sabuda Interview

Lecture by Dominic Riley
on Books as Art-Movables
[images appear 3 min. into talk]

Olli Johnson's MBS
conference video of her
paper engineering

Library of Congress on
Movable Structures in Books

MBS' Celebrat10n Book
set to music

MBS' 2000 exhibit,
Brooklyn Pops Up!
on Martha Stewart

History of the French movable book

MUST SEE Biedermeier Cards
in action! circa 1815

Unique use of electricity & pop-ups!
This will blow your mind!

A history of Johann Gutenberg
video by the Paper Discovery Center

Make Your Own Pop-up

Florida's Baldwin Library
repairs their movable books.

Repairing a Bookano book

Join "Fold the Flock"
make extinct passenger pigeon

Click here for NEW templates

How Pop-up Books are Made-a video

How a Commercial with pop-ups is made

my collection

Erotic Movable Ephemera:
Watchpapers: Practical Tokens
of Labor and Love

for sale

The Hanukkah Puzzle Book

by the Popuplady

"Pop-ups from Prague"
Catalog of the Grolier exhibit
Kubašta’s life and work.

in my life

A Worthy Cause I believe in!

learn about what's dear
to The Popuplady


Mark your calendars for popUPmania!
@ the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair & Works on Paper
September 8-10, 2017


Wow! Leonard S. Marcus, notable children's book expert will give a talk at the Fair, Maurice Sendak: Back in Brooklyn,Sat. 9/9 @ 4PM
Come for the opening on Friday, 5-9 PM and your admission will support Rare Book School.

Yay!! Matthew Reinhart has joined popUPmania! He will give a talk,
CUT, FOLD & REPEAT: sharing the secrets of transforming paper into magical, moving, three-dimensional structures that defy imagination. Sunday, September 10 @1:30 PM

The Popuplady will be mounting an exhibit, "A 'Brief' 900-year History of Movable Books." A talk on the subject will be on Sept. 9, Saturday at 1PM.
A special surprise! See The Popuplady dramatize The Three Little Pigs using a pop-up book on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 1PM. Bring the kids!
Keep returning to popuplady.com for more events.

Thinking of starting a rare book collection? Come to the Saturday, 2:30PM talk by Rebecca Romney, rare book specialist on Pawn Stars and co-author of Printer's Error. She will sign her book on Sunday @2:30PM.


"Pop-ups from Prague: A Celebration of the Graphic Artistry of Vojtěch Kubašta (1914-1992): From the Collection of Ellen G. K. Rubin"

The color catalog from the exhibit has won the 2015 RBMS Leab Exhibitons Award.

The catalog is out of print and available in very limited supply from:
1. The Grolier club. SOLD OUT!! 2. Oak Knoll Books SOLD OUT!!
3. National Czech and Slovak Museum, Cedar Rapids, IA


The Grolier Kubašta exhibit is over! But you still can experience it by reading what the NY Times had to say and see close-up images of some Kubašta items. A virtual exhibit in three parts:
Part #1
, Part#2, Part #3
As part of the exhibit, The Popuplady spoke extensively about Kubašta’s art and life. The talk was followed by a panel discussion with Dagmar Kubaštova, Robert Sabuda, the Prince of Paper, and Monica Brandrup of Up With Paper. View the Evening: Popuplady's talk: first 50 min followed by the panel.

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The Movable Book Society

The next Biennial conference is in Philadelphia, PA, beginning Sept. 18, 2014.
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