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Pop-up and
Movable Books:
In the Context of History

The Smithsonian Lectures
Washington, DC 2010-11

A Timeline History of
Movable Books

Video History of Harlequinades
from c1650 by Werner Nekes

A History of Paper Devices

Glossary of
Pop-Up Terms

A History of Flip Books

The Bigger the Better (2002)

Anatomical Flap Books
at Duke University

Obituaries-They've laid their scissors down

care and repair

Step Right Up!
Step Right Up!
Removing Marks from books

Here, Kitty, Kitty
Deodorizing a Book

Repair tips from the
Baldwin Library
Univ. of Florida

how pop-ups are made

Making Pop-up Books with
Bruce Foster & Chuck Fischer

past events

Reach back in time to
pop-up events you may have missed.

ha!ha! ha!
pop-up jokes

Pop-up books in cartoons

Stephen Colbert with Maurice Sendak

George Bush on
Global Warming

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Basic Facts

Now we are down to brass tacks and the real meat. Get an overall sense of the long history of movable books. So many people think they were invented in the 20th century. Here is solid information about the books you love, some history of where they were first used and, really important, the terms you need to understand them all. Nothing like have\ing the correct language tools to open up the doors of learning.The Glossary will be there throughout the website to help you.

Care and Repair

When we acquire older movable books and paper, they are often not "gently used," especially if they were previously-owned by children.
Whenever The Popuplady finds a book she knows is rare and is unlikely to find in any condition, she will acquire it and clean it up. Here are some tips.

How To

Here is the bottom line on how pop-up books are made. People are aghast when then find out it takes over a year to make one and that they have always been made by hand, even today. Watch this video with awe!
For more instructions on how to make pop-ups using a range of mechanisms, see David A. Carter's website.

Past Events

Time marches on and with it goes exhibits, lectures, and book signings, temporal things. With any luck, the information and images live on on the Web. When possible, important events will still be accessible here


Let's not forget those people who paved the way for those working today. Let's keep them in our hearts and minds, and often on our shelves.

Just for Laughs!

There was a time when The Popuplady did bone marrow transplants. It was serious work 'though she tried to bring some levity into her patients' lives. At popuplady.com, if you are not smiling, The Popuplady is not doing her job. Try these jokes on for size.

Cartoon artists use pop-up books as the butt of their humor.

Even the ex-President gets into the act!

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