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The Smithsonian Lectures
Washington, DC 2010-11

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Video History of Harlequinades
from c1650 by Werner Nekes

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The Bigger the Better (2002)

Anatomical Flap Books
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Step Right Up!
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Past Events

From time to time, we wish time stood still. If it did, we would be able to get to see the exhibits that interest us, go to lectures and book signings and not have to consult our watches and calendars. But it does go on and we say, "Darn it!"

When possible, those Past Events featured on The Popuplady's website will live on here. Where weblinks remain on-line, they will have a second-life. Of course, if I have missed an event and learn about it too late to give you a timely heads-up, hopefully it will be presented on this page.

The Smithsonian pop-up exhibit has been taken down but the images and lectures live on! Spend some time with these images and lectures to learn much about pop-ups and paper engineering. See the Popuplady's homepage for lecture links.

Martha Stewart show on MBS' 2000 exhibit, Brooklyn Pops Up! The History and Art of Movable Books with interviews with Robert Sabuda and the Popuplady.

Movable book exhibit at the Scottish Nat'l Library [Nov. 20, 2013-Jan. 19, 2014]

Neal Patrick Harris talks of his love of pop-up books!

A Czech collector discovers Kubašta and mounts an exhibit in Brno.

Amazing!! Dutch POP-UP stamps!!

Gargantuan origami creatures by Robert Lang, "Between the Folds"

Making Paper Dance: The Art of the Pop-up Book
Dennos Museum Ctr, Traverse City, MI, ended April 6, 2014
Bruce Foster's Talk at the exhibit, Jan. 29, 2014

After the sad passing of Maurice Sendak, great tribute was paid to him, as he well deserved. Here is Caldecott-winner, Paul Zelinsky's tribute to Sendak on the occasion of Sendak's induction into the New York State Writer's Hall of Fame-June 2013.

Smile and laugh as kids make paper on Sesame Street. You'll love this!

Movable paper sculpture! Klein S sun Gallery | 525 W. 22nd St/NYC; Don't miss the video!!

Paper Nativity exhibit in New Haven, CT; closed Feb. 2, 2014

Another past exhibit I just became aware of on Science and Artists' Books at the Smithsonian Institute Libraries, 1995.

The Pop-up Kingdom-Taipei exhibit 'til 9/2012
(use Google to translate)

Springing to Life: Movable Books & Mechanical Devices at the University of Rochester Library-2012

Intersections and Detours
solo exhibition of artist books by Elsi Vassdal Ellis; at the 23 Gallery, Portland, OR
closed March 10, 2012

Anatomical Flap books, 16th-21st century Do NOT miss this rare overview of rare books presented by Duke University, ended, July 2011.
See videos from the exhibition.

Pop-ups and Company [Livres en formes pop up et cie]
An interview on the exhibit in Toulouse, France [2010], in French.

Pop-Now! A Juried Exhibition of Movable Books
23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR [September 22, October 30, 2010]
Supported by The Movable Book Society, mounted to coincide with the 2010 biennial conference. Laura Russell, proprietor. See TV clip of the exhibition.
The Movable Book Society, holding its Conference in Portland, awarded prizes for:
Best of Show, Unique [One-of-a-Kind] Book; Kevin Steele The Movable Book of Letterforms
Best of Show, Editioned Book; Mary Jeanne Linford Tool Box
Jurors' Choice Awards:
Sue Collard Small Museum of Nature and Industry
Kitty Maryatt and Scripps College Press Students Arch
Linda Johnson Blessing Bowl
Gallery Choice Award; Elsi Vassdal Ellis There Goes the Neighborhood

Paper Instruments & The sea
NY Times exhibit review of: Lost at Sea: The Ocean in the English Imagination, 1550-1750

At The Folger Shakespeare Library, Wash, DC-2010
especially look at the image of Samuel Sturmy’s “Mariners Magazine” and a Gunter-type quadrant, a paper navigational instrument.

Romantic Gardens: Nature, Art, and Landscape Design at the Morgan Library, NYC
[ May 21 through August 29, 2010]
This exhibit of books presenting the effect of the Romantic Era on European gardens featured the work of Humphry Repton (1752-1818). Repton was the first to use the term "landscape gardener" drawing upon his background as an artist. His Red Books prepared for large estate owners used the flap technique to show his clients the 'before and after' of Repton's garden ideas.

repton before


before-lift the flap










repton after


after-flap folded back to right