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Pop-up and
Movable Books:
In the Context of History

The Smithsonian Lectures
Washington, DC 2010-11

A Timeline History of
Movable Books

Video History of Harlequinades
from c1650 by Werner Nekes

A History of Paper Devices

Glossary of
Pop-Up Terms

A History of Flip Books

The Bigger the Better (2002)

Anatomical Flap Books
at Duke University

Obituaries-They've laid their scissors down

care and repair

Step Right Up!
Step Right Up!
Removing Marks from books

Here, Kitty, Kitty
Deodorizing a Book

Repair tips from the
Baldwin Library
Univ. of Florida

how pop-ups are made

Making Pop-up Books with
Bruce Foster & Chuck Fischer

past events

Reach back in time to
pop-up events you may have missed.

ha!ha! ha!
pop-up jokes

Pop-up books in cartoons

Stephen Colbert with Maurice Sendak

George Bush on
Global Warming

Pop-ups on misc. topics

A History of Pop-up and Movable Books:
700 Years of Paper Engineering

given by Ellen G. K. Rubin
November 10, 2010
at the National Museum of American History, Washington, DC

in conjunction with the exhibition:
Paper Engineering: Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn

 (see other lectures by noted paper engineers below)


The Popuplady writes about the exhibit's opening.
Photos from opening day.

More lectures from Paper Engineering: Fold, Pull, Pop, and Turn

1.David A. Carter-His Pop-up Art
2.Andrew Baron-Birth of a Corporate Pop-up
3.Bruce Foster-The Magic/Math of Harry Potter

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