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Smithsonian Pop-up Exhibit

Erotic Watch-paper

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Being Taped for the
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Czech It Out!
Translating Kubašta

My trip to Mecca
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Book Auction - My First


Deodorizing a Smelly Book

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The Popuplady wants to say.....

Over the past 20 years, The Popuplady has been writing about her adventures in the Pop-up World. For her readers in MBS’ Movable Stationery and other book publications, she has shared her delights, frustrations, experiments, and surprise at her discoveries. In the Articles section of the website, you can follow her path from fledgling collector to Pop-up Maven.

The Smithsonian Institute has mounted an exciting and informative exhibit at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. Over 50 books represent various movable mechanisms with books from 1540 to-date. The best paper engineers' work is represented. Don't miss the video showing how pop-up books are made.

In 2000, the Movable Book Society mounted a major exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Libary and published a pop-up catalog. The exhibit was covered on The Martha Stewart Show. Read The Popuplady's hilarious experience on the taping of the show.

The Popuplady can only say, "Hello!" in Czech. Ahoj!! In Czech It Out! follow her into The Tower of Babel as she tries to translate works by or about Vojtěch Kubašta.

The exhibit catalog and trade and Limited editions of Brooklyn Pops Up were produced in Ecuador, the pop-up book Mecca in 2000. Tag along with The Popuplady as she has a once in a life-time experience watching the pop-up book being made!

Everyone has a first. The Popuplady attends her first auction to acquire a movable book.