my collections

pop-up and movable books

Puff the Magic Dragon
engineered by Bruce Foster

Contemporary artist, Tauba Auerbach,
creates pop-ups, 2D, 3D

Spratt's Obstetrical Tables, 1847
I call her, Lady Modesty.

Book Artist, Julie Chen, at work

Little Red Riding Hood-c1850

Giraud's Bookano pop-up

Lord Thumb
video and more!

The Astronomicum

Tuson's Myology
anatomical flap book

Sacrobosco's Sphaera

Videos of classic pop-ups

vojtěch kubašta

Czech It Out!
Translating Kubašta

Kubašta books on video

Kubašta exhibit
at the Bienes Museum, FL

wild & wacky books



Watchpapers: Practical Tokens of Labor and Love
A bit of naughtiness!

Movable postcards
You won't believe your eyes!




On the Shelves

“It takes one to know one.” If you collect anything at all, you will immediately recognize the traits exhibited by a full-fledged collector.

Here at My Collections, The Popuplady presents her collections with fanfare.
The Popuplady in her pop-up book library.

Some collections are a window into the arcane tastes or history of The Popuplady

Pop-up and Movable Books

From time to time I will feature new additions to my collection or show books already on the shelves. When I can, what better way to present my books than with a video? Have fun!
One of my favorite flap books, Spratt's Obstetrical Tables is now on video!

A recent acquisition: Fanny Gray Cut Out Dolls: A History of Her Life, 1854 Learn about early American paper dolls.

Vojtěch Kubašta  

The Popuplady has concentrated on collecting everything she can created by Vojtěch Kubašta. She would love to have it all for you to see. Maybe with time. LOTS of time! But for now here are 2 videos, one from the Panascopic series, Father Christmas, and Here Comes the Circus.

The Popuplady was privileged to have access to both a childhood friend of Kubašta's, Jan Hird Pokorny, and Kubašta's daughter, Dagmar. With their help, she was able to put together the most exhausting biography available in Kubašta-His Life.

Wild & Wacky Books

Not all of the things in The Popuplady's collection have movables. Some of them just tickle her fancy, and she adds them to her shelves. To get an idea, read Abecedarian. When time permits, I will add more examples. Come back often!


If the paper moves, it belongs in The Popuplady's collection. When shopping, The Popuplady asks the dealer for "movable paper." You'd be surprised how many of them respond exactly this way, "If you buy it Lady, it moves!"
As time permits, visitors will have a window into this large store of material.

For now watch the videos on Movable Postcards to get a smattering of what is in store for you!

 The Ephemera News has just published [July 2011] The Popuplady's article on a recent acquisition, a movable erotic watchpaper.