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Puff the Magic Dragon
engineered by Bruce Foster

Contemporary artist, Tauba Auerbach,
creates pop-ups, 2D, 3D

Spratt's Obstetrical Tables, 1847
I call her, Lady Modesty.

Book Artist, Julie Chen, at work

Little Red Riding Hood-c1850

Giraud's Bookano pop-up

Lord Thumb
video and more!

The Astronomicum

Tuson's Myology
anatomical flap book

Sacrobosco's Sphaera

Videos of classic pop-ups

vojtěch kubašta

Czech It Out!
Translating Kubašta

Kubašta books on video

Kubašta exhibit
at the Bienes Museum, FL

wild & wacky books



Watchpapers: Practical Tokens of Labor and Love
A bit of naughtiness!

Movable postcards
You won't believe your eyes!




The 'Abecedarian' of My Favorite Things:
Wild & Wacky Books from the Popuplady's Collection

(reprinted from ABC Newsletter; vol 13, No. 2, Fall 2001)

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Oh Joy! My Hanky books hang-out in H! They remind me of Tuesday Assemblies in elementary school (P.S. 93 in the Bronx) when we would have to dress in a crisp white blouse or shirt and bring a Handkerchief which was inspected for cleanliness. All the precious items in this category, especially difficult to acquire, are in book or greeting card form. My favorites have movables like those by Julian Wehr with a single movable spread. The Little Golden Book, Marge's Little Lulu and Her Magic Tricks, Things to Make and Do with Kleenex, ('54) sits on the same shelf, the harbinger of the end of hanky use.




What child doesn't like noise and music? (Often the same thing!) Besides books which incorporate piano keyboards using microchips, children (like me!) can have the immediate experience of musical Instruments playing my books shaped like drums, castanets, maracas, and tambourine equipped with parts to create the appropriate sounds. Me gusta the castanets!



I especially love a Joke in book form. Waiting on my shelves for the unsuspecting are books whose spines bear no resemblance to their pasted-down illustrated covers. For example, the spine of one reads, The History of Texas, the cover says, How to Raise a Dog. When the book is opened, a rubber frankfurter jumps out on a coil from a gouged niche in the pages! Hotdog!





A way to figuratively Kill an idea one hates would be to shape the book espousing the idea into a gun. I have two such items both 'killing' topics not dear to me, Economics and Computer Programming. Bang! Bang! They're dead!





Speaking of Languages, I don't believe one exists without cursewords. A movable book with multi-split pages is called, Thy Father is a Gorbellied Codpiece! Create over 100,000 of Your Own Shakespearean Insults by mixing and matching Elizabethan adjectives, verbs and nouns.


I love books which cleverly use Mirrors. The dearest of all is Mirror, Mirror on the Wall from the 1940s. The reader pulls down the paper-hinged Queen seated at her vanity table who then looks at herself in a real mirror.





Topping the eccentric subject list is the book, Nosepicking for Pleasure. Enough said.

Pop-up Needleholders, those illustrated folded papers where various size sewing needles are kept, are among the most precious of my ephemera. Usually of German origin, finding these rare treasures is a thrill.

O gives me the Opportunity to ask why there aren't more Origami or pop-up books originating in Japan where the tradition of making structures with paper is long and venerated.


Have you seen the faux writing Pads on which celebrities like O.J. Simpson and Chelsea Clinton presumably doodle their inner thoughts, OJ at his trial (yellow legal pad), Chelsea at Stanford (marbled notebook)? Bill Gates' Personal Super Secret Private Laptop boasts the software, 'Microspoofs' Internal Document of Secret Words, like LYSHO-Lie your silly head off. These clever facsimiles are filled with irreverent minutiae. Who thinks of all these things?




Bibliography of books from Abecedarian

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