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pop-up and movable books

Puff the Magic Dragon
engineered by Bruce Foster

Contemporary artist, Tauba Auerbach,
creates pop-ups, 2D, 3D

Spratt's Obstetrical Tables, 1847
I call her, Lady Modesty.

Book Artist, Julie Chen, at work

Little Red Riding Hood-c1850

Giraud's Bookano pop-up

Lord Thumb
video and more!

The Astronomicum

Tuson's Myology
anatomical flap book

Sacrobosco's Sphaera

Videos of classic pop-ups

vojtěch kubašta

Czech It Out!
Translating Kubašta

Kubašta books on video

Kubašta exhibit
at the Bienes Museum, FL

wild & wacky books



Watchpapers: Practical Tokens of Labor and Love
A bit of naughtiness!

Movable postcards
You won't believe your eyes!




Meggendorfer's Lord Thumb & Damian, 1889

Lothar Meggendorfer (1847-1925) is called "The Genius of Movable Books." His use of rivets was unique in that a single pull tab would activate very life-like movements. His comic humor touched young and old alike. Meggendorfer was extremely successful in his day publishing dozens of movable titles translated into over 30 languages.

Click on the titles below to "pull" the tab for yourself on a Meggendorfer page.

The Monkey Theater

The Snail

The Beetle

The Hedgehog

The Travels of Lord Thumb & His Man Damian

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