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pop-up and movable books

Puff the Magic Dragon
engineered by Bruce Foster

Contemporary artist, Tauba Auerbach,
creates pop-ups, 2D, 3D

Spratt's Obstetrical Tables, 1847
I call her, Lady Modesty.

Book Artist, Julie Chen, at work

Little Red Riding Hood-c1850

Giraud's Bookano pop-up

Lord Thumb
video and more!

The Astronomicum

Tuson's Myology
anatomical flap book

Sacrobosco's Sphaera

Videos of classic pop-ups

vojtěch kubašta

Czech It Out!
Translating Kubašta

Kubašta books on video

Kubašta exhibit
at the Bienes Museum, FL

wild & wacky books



Watchpapers: Practical Tokens of Labor and Love
A bit of naughtiness!

Movable postcards
You won't believe your eyes!




Pop-up Classics-Videos

The Popuplady is grateful that such capable people made these videos possible. There is only one better way to enjoy pop-up books. Get a copy and play with it yourself!

Inside The Personal Computer, 1984, engineered by the great Ron Van der Meer, is a true classic pop-up.

Random House produced a whole series of pop-up books in the 1970s, many engineered by the legendary, Ib Penick. Here is his Star Wars#35, 1978; The Empire Strikes Back#41, 1980 and Return of the Jedi#41, 1983, the last in the Random House series.[Thanks to popupfan for making these.]