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Brooklyn Pops Up!
an exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Libary 2000

Robert Sabuda & Ellen G.K. Rubin at the Brooklyn Exhibit

Thanks to all who sent kind words and messages to Ellen G.K.Rubin aka the Popuplady and Robert Sabuda after our appearance on the Martha Stewart Living Show October 15, 2001. (These two segments were actually a repeat from February, 2001.) Read On Exhibit for The Popuplady 's experience being taped for the show.

The catalog for the exhibit was a collaborative affair. Paper engineers from around the world donated their time and expertise to create one of seven spreads. They were:

Maurice Sendak Cover Art: Children of Brooklyn; David A. Carter & Tor Lokvig The Brooklyn Brownstone; Bruce Foster Grand Army Plaza; Iain Smyth The Brooklyn Bridge; Robert Sabuda The Brooklyn Museum and Children's Museum; Chuck Murphy Coney Island; Kees Moerbeek Foods of Brooklyn: the egg cream, Nathan's hot dog, Junior's cheesecake; Biruta Akersberg The Carousel; Ken Wilson-Max The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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