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Interactive Websites/Videos

Matruska dolls as a pop-up book matruska dolls

Videos of classic pop-ups books.

MBS member Larry Seidman's outstanding collection on line-Animated!

The Cinematic Possibilities of Pop-up Books

A website [in French] devoted to Kubašta and his work.

Learn about the environment in English or Japanese and be entertained. Be sure to bring the kids!

Harlequinade (the oldest form of movable for children) history with a great video.

Remmelin's book of anatomical flaps, Captorum Microcosmicum (1614) is NOT to be missed.

If you are into anatomy and flaps you will FLIP when you see this site from the University of Toronto. Be sure to follow the clicking directions to lift the flaps.

A French website totally devoted to pop-ups! ooh-la-la!

Make one of the earliest navigational volvelles move!

You MUST look at this totally interactive site by the Getty Museum

Ann Montanaro, president and founder of The Movable Book Society, mounted this wonderful exhibit at Rutgers University, NJ from her collection.

Take a tour of tour another Getty Museum's exhibit and see some of the earliest movable books in Books of Secrets!

The New Zealand Book Council has put together an amazing pop-up book.
See it here!

Digital Pop-ups for ads and promos

J. P. Morgan Chase bank uses digital pop-ups for their newest ad.



The Popuplady is a lifetime Yankee fan, but it's the Pittsburgh Pirates who made a pop-up video of their history.