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Slash: Paper Under
the Knife 2010

Having fun with pop-ups!

You are going to laugh 'til you drop when you see what Ennio Marchetto, The Living Paper Cartoon!, does with movable paper. DO NOT MISS THIS!!! You will thank me and pass it on to all your friends. Here's a sample but see the others on YouTube.

The Popuplady had the EXTREME pleasure of seeing Ennio Marchetto live on-stage in NYC , Oct. 12, 2011. He was everything the video shows him to be, contemporary, racey, LOL funny, and quite athletic. Don't miss this opportunity if it comes to a theater near you. Check his website for dates.

Experience pop-up mechanisms with an adventurous cartoon character. new

A music video illustrated solely with pop-ups. A HOOT! [WARNING! foul langauge used]

Will Ferrell's impersonation of GW Bush and the Prez's take on pop-up books

Have you seen Celebrity Meltdownsengineered by Bruce Foster?

A spicey review of a PSEUDO pop-up book! (This is only a a laugh-out-loud spoof!)

Theo Jansen has created 'animals' out of cardboard tubes. They're alive!! Is Jansen the new Dr. Frankenstein?
[Time alert! The last minutes are an ad.]

A pop-up book made of Legos!!! See it here!

This pop-up lights up my life! Truly!

Yummy pop-ups? Yes, indeedy!

Have your book and eat it too? Learn about edible books and the International event held on April Fool's Day! Delectable!