Theo Gielen on the
History of the Speaking Book
[in Dutch, 2009]

Pop-ups can save the World
with a $1 microscope!

Euclid's Elements of
1570 in motion

The Pangaea Pop-up [TED] book

TED talk about making
the Pangaea

Seduce Me! Animal Sex
with Isabella Rossellini

Pop-up storytelling
from Jerusalem: The Chelm Legend

Pop-up Advice for Bad Weather!

Pop-ups tell the history
of Kellog's cereal.

Pop-up book made of Legos!

Panera Bread pop-up ad

Pop-up Now! Best in Show

Learn to Make Pop-ups

A Bookano Book

Apianus' Astronomicum Caesareum

Anatomical Flap Books

make it move yourself!

Meggendorfer's Animaux Savants

Allerlei Tiere
(Curious Creatures)

Ernest Nister's
What A Surprise!

Animated Circus-Clowns

Animated Circus-Acrobats

Humphry Repton (1752-1818)

landscape designs
using flaps

This is the page The Popuplady has been waiting to give you, a place where visitors can either interact with movable books or watch as they pop-up, fold, slide, turn, or pirouette off the page.

Looking at a still image of a movable book is like trying to appreciate a ballet by seeing one single movement. With the miracle of video and flash, The Popuplady can share with other devotees of pop-up books their unique characteristic, movement!

I believe the movable book will never be fully replaced by a virtual one. There cannot be a substitution for taking one's two hands and manipulating pages, a pull-tab, or wheel and making an illustration move in concert with one's own timing and duration. In Make it move yourself! you can animate the illustrations by famous paper engineers yourself.

Roll your cursor over the boxes to make the merry images by Julian Wehr and Lothar Meggendorfer move! [Confession by The Popuplady, my favorite is Food Fight!] Or, link to The Morgan Libary & Museum website, to experience being the owner of a vast estate and lift the flaps by world-renowned landscape designer, Humphry Repton, to see how he has re-designed your acreage.

If you have found a video the Pop-up World should view, alert The Popuplady.