Theo Gielen on the
History of the Speaking Book
[in Dutch, 2009]

Pop-ups can save the World
with a $1 microscope!

Euclid's Elements of
1570 in motion

The Pangaea Pop-up [TED] book

TED talk about making
the Pangaea

Seduce Me! Animal Sex
with Isabella Rossellini

Pop-up storytelling
from Jerusalem: The Chelm Legend

Pop-up Advice for Bad Weather!

Pop-ups tell the history
of Kellog's cereal.

Pop-up book made of Legos!

Panera Bread pop-up ad

Pop-up Now! Best in Show

Learn to Make Pop-ups

A Bookano Book

Apianus' Astronomicum Caesareum

Anatomical Flap Books

make it move yourself!

Meggendorfer's Animaux Savants

Allerlei Tiere
(Curious Creatures)

Ernest Nister's
What A Surprise!

Animated Circus-Clowns

Animated Circus-Acrobats

Humphry Repton (1752-1818)

landscape designs
using flaps

Award Winning Artists' Books
from the Pop-up Now! exhibit

23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon September 22 -October30, 2010

Best of Show for a Unique (One-of-a-Kind) Book [I love this book!!!]

The Movable Book of Letterforms by Kevin Steele


Best of Show for an Editioned Book - Mary Jeanne Linford for Tool Box


See the TV interviews with Laura Russell on the Pop-up Now! exhibition.

AM Northwest,KATU-Pop-up Art for Grown Ups!

Oregon Art Beat